Blood, sweat and tears

Fight night is not far away now, only 3 training days left and the training has just become hardcore. It is no longer just weak punching and body sparing, everyone is out for the kill, no one wants to lose. It is getting tough, the coaches aren’t letting up it is just work, work, work. I have never felt fitter and better about myself than I do right now, however, I am starting to realise this fight is going to be brutal. I bust my nose up the last two times training, same girl each time caught me smack bang in my face and there was blood. Nose is feeling a little sore today but I am not going to let that stop me. I need to buckle down and learn to keep my hands up because if I don’t my opponent is going to get a very easy win. It does not help that I have a nose that sticks out from my face like Pinocchio.

Having said all of this I am still very excited. It is all for an amazing cause, everyone is raising money for their chosen charity and the night will be a laugh between friends. We all get along really well, I don’t know if this will make fighting each other harder or easier but we will soon find out.

I had a melt down after training the other night, I didn’t know if I could do it anymore. It is pushing my body to it’s limits, both physically and mentally and I wanted to throw in the towel. I hurt like hell and could not think of a reason to keep going, it seems stupid putting myself in harms way to raise money when I could just do a run or cake sale. But then I remembered why I signed up and how much it means to me to do this and it is just 6 minutes. After those 6 minutes I never have to get in a ring again. I need to complete it now I have started, not just for myself but for everyone. I am raising money for cancer research which will affects us all one way or another so I need to do it so I can say I have done my bit to fight cancer. Excuse the pun.

If anyone was thinking of doing pink or white collar boxing I say do it. It is an amazing experience with brilliant people. I have never felt fitter or stronger than I do right now and it is all due to the intense training. I am sure after my fight I will keep training just to stay fit. Wish me luck for the night, because I am going to need it.


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