Counselling: yes or no?

I have recently started doing an intro to counselling course because I am looking into a career in counselling. However, I have had no experience with counsellors at all. I also know that being trans, when I want to have hormone treatment and operations I have to go talk to a therapist first. I have always been very against this idea because as a person I am very closed, I keep myself to myself and do not tend to let people in.  I am aware that my fears stem from stereotypes about therapists. I have this view of sitting on a sofa and them repeatedly saying ‘and how does that make you feel?’ I know it’s crazy and something I need to get over but I am hoping doing this course helps.

There always seems to be very mixed views about counsellors whether they actually work or not. People always say if I have this doubt and fear about them then why do I want to do it as a career, and the answer is I want to do it better. I do not want to be a typical cliched therapist who clients loathe going to. I want to be one who breaks down barriers and helps people to live a happy life.

For whatever reason I am living life in the wrong body surrounded by incorrect stereotypes and pronouns and I feel trapped. I feel like I am not the person I want to be and I can not be that person until society chills out about people not living up to the stereotypes of their gender/sex. This has pushed me to want to be someone who helps people feeling like they can not be happy for whatever reason and help to put that right. No one should have to be unhappy in this world and I want to stop it.

Back to my issue of actually going to talk to someone, if anyone has any advice or tips to give me I would appreciate it. Let me know of any reasons you like or dislike counselling.


2 thoughts on “Counselling: yes or no?

  1. Well, as someone who’s been to counselling A LOT, both because I needed it and because to become a psychologist here you kind of need to have certain hours of counselling under your belt, i’ll try to give my honest opinion.
    It depends on your counselor and on you.
    If you go with an open heart and mind, you’ll find yourself being accepted and heard.
    It depends on your counselor as well though, find someone you can bond with, it might take a few tries, but find someone you can identify with and trust.
    In the end, I vouch for therapy 100% hahaha it’s hard to have perspective on your life when everything seems so confusing in your head, a counselor can provide that.
    Good luck!

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