Facial hair tricks

I have never worn make up and have no idea what any of it does because well I am trying to be masculine why would I. However, over the last few days I have had some free time and decided I’d watch some tutorials on youtube on how to make myself a more convincing dude and found myself, for the first time ever, watching make up tutorials. I am still very confused and feel I will need some female assistance at some point, but I am attempting to give myself the illusion on facial hair.

I can not say it is really working for me however basically I am covering my jaw in brown mascara. On a girls face we supposedly have baby hairs and to be honest you can feel them. To give the appearance of facial hair you out mascara that matches your hair colour on these baby hairs and boom you have a beard. Apparently. Right now I just have make up smeared across my face and no make up wipes. How do girls do this every day, you all have earned my respect with this because it is hard work.

If any of you dudes out there have more tips on how to look more masculine I would really appreciate it. In the mean time I will continue my make up master piece and let you know the end result. I am going to call the woman in my life to help me.



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