Parent trouble

My family mean a lot to me, I value their opinions and respect their views. However, my mother is the only exception to this, she talks a lot of rubbish. I want to get along with her while ever I am at home to make life easy, as soon as I move out this will not matter anymore. But, being a poor broke student this maybe 5 years in the future yet. Basically, I want to live life as a man but I feel I can not do this until I tell my mum because I am living one life with friends and another at home and its starting to get to me.

I have now seen what life is like when I am being treated as a male and I love it to the point where now it is like a craving and I need it. Knowing how it feels living as a dude is making living as a girl so much harder. It is breaking me down on the inside but I don’t dare tell my mum I want to be a guy because she will flip out which will make living at home really hard. On the plus side she will have a straight son as apposed to a gay daughter…

I just want to be me and I cant and it’s killing me. I come here to vent because it is the only place I can say my true feelings.


2 thoughts on “Parent trouble

  1. Yeah it’s hard especially when you know how it feels to be treated like a guy. And when you get home you get treated different and it can really mess with your feelings and get to you. But transitioning and coming out is all a process which always super slow. But in the end it will all be worth it and the feeling of being treated like a man will eventually be 24/7 and not a at home and a at school thing. Just hold on a little bit longer. You got this.

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