Pink Collar

So guess what i did today?!?! Can’t guess, well I signed up for a pink collar boxing match. This means I get 8 weeks training and then a fight at the end, it’s all for charity so I need to go out and get sponsors next, I will make my just giving page soon so you guys can hit that up. I’m so excited to do it, I bet you get such a rush, it will be fun.

Have any of you done this before? Or any sort of fighting and can offer me tips along the way because that would be great. I will keep you all posted during my training, tell you all about my injuries!

I am doing it for a good friend of mine, he is like a dad to me and he’s slowly losing his battle to cancer, he’s been fighting for so long I think it is finally wining. I know so many people who have had to face the big C and it will effect us all some how some day so it’s time to do my bit and raise some money. Let me know of any other good fundraisers I could do or you could do.



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