Does anyone else understand what a neoliberal ideology is? No? That’s because it’s a load of rubbish which is hard to get. If you are wondering where this is going I’m ranting about the essay I am currently trying to write. It is all about educational politics and the right wing ideologies. It is awful, I have no idea where to start, so writing  blog post seemed a good idea. If anyone is doing education studies at university and knows what I am talking about and fancies helping me I wouldn’t turn you down.

In other news being trans at uni is starting to get me down. I’m still not comfortable with myself enough yet to correct everyone in what gender I am, in particular lecturers. I don’t feel like I can tell everyone I am a dude until I tell my parents, I feel like I owe them that. On the other hand I want everyone to treat me how I want to be treated and that’s with male pronouns. I hope one day no one has to feel like they have to ‘come out’ as anything because everyone is accepted and labels mean nothing.

I am very against the idea of labels and everyone fitting into a category. If we lived in a society where labels didn’t exist everyone would be equal and no one would feel different. I know we will never live in a society like this but it’s good to have dreams.



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