That Binding life

If you are ftm trans you will understand my pain when I say binding is the worst. It’s painful and itchy and you sweat unreal amounts. I have a bad back anyway and this just adds to the pressure and by the end of the day I’m in agony. The pain transgender people go through just to look and feel ‘normal’ is unreal, it’s not fair to feel punished for having the wrong body shape. I don’t even have it that bad because I have very small boobs anyway so I can make my chest almost completely flat easily, I have friends who are not this lucky and they always look in agony but they are willing to do this just to look more masculine.

If you’re debating buying a binder, it is worth the money in a sense of I am a much happier person when I’m wearing it. My friends can see how much more myself I act now and how much more confident I am now I identify as a dude, but be warned it isn’t all pretty clouds and flowers. It is hard, it doesn’t always seem worth the aches and pains, when you feel like this just remember why you are doing it. Trust me if you know you are in the wrong body you will keep pushing through without even thinking because it’s the best feeling when you look in the mirror and see a flat chest

If you are scared your parents will see it then buy a compression sports bra, or a high impact sports bra they work in the exact same way, still not amazingly comfortable, but look sporty so your parents won’t know any different.

My next venture is to buy a packer, and maybe a stp packer and if It looks real enough use men’s toilets in public. This will be a huge step so I think it might take a while but I’m looking into it currently.



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