Bad Hair Day

I want short ish hair so badly, but not like bold short, I still need to be able head bang short. I like my rock music and it passes as dancing give me a break. Back to the issue at hand, what do i do with my mop. I want half my head shaved and faded in so my hair all flops over to one side. But how do  i know it will suit me without doing it. Also mother cried when I cut it to shoulder length, god only knows how she will cope when half of it is gone. I want it done though, so I finally feel like me and not some girl faking it as a guy through life, because at the moment I still feel like a phoney. Everyone also says things get better blah blah, and I agree, things do and will get better… As soon as I am me, the man I really want to be.

My hair currently I do love, my girlfriend cut it for me and it made me feel instantly like a guy, which is stupid because I’m so against gender stereotypes, but no matter how against them I am we live in a society that lives within them so now I do too. I’ll be happy when people that do not know me see me as a guy not a girl, when that day happens I will truly understand happiness.

So hair is the rout to happiness. Hair and clothes, so really it money because we pay for hair dressers and clothes… Any suggestions for hair cuts let me know in a comment or even email me.


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