So apparently when writing an essay for every 100 words written you are meant to reference something to back up the point you’re making. When your essay is 2500 words that’s 25 references, I can’t do that, that’s like way too much reading. I am also absolutely awful at referencing and citing, I just can not do it at all. If anyone can help me help would be appreciated. I have to use the Harvard style referencing.

I can reference an article now, that is easy but have you tried doing a website?! Yeah impossible I know. Literally, who wrote the website, when was it published, by whom was it published? I don’t know, I googled some words and this appeared. Ahhhh! Oh well, only three essays left to write, I can do this. Self motivation at its best.

I am someone who struggles with writing a lot and showing my emotion, thoughts and feelings to people, that’s why I love this blog. It means I am practising these two skills all everyday and I am starting to get good at it. Why didn’t  I do this earlier.


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