Toilet Humour

I am have a moral issue of what toilet is the appropriate toilet to use. I feel wrong in a female toilet because my gender is male, however I don’t have the correct ‘parts’ to use a male cubical. So I feel very stuck in the middle somewhere. It’s really starting to get to me, especially after the other day a group of girls had a very strong opinion of me going into the girls toilets. A lot of my friends have said to use the disabled toilets instead, but I worry someone in need will come while I am using it.

Personally, I think it was time for things to move forwards and have unisex toilets so no one feels out of place and on show like I do. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way it’s just a matter of time to things to be put right for us all. I hope for a better future for my kids so their generation doesn’t have to experience these kinds of struggles. I know to most people using the toilet isn’t a struggle but to me it is.

Anyway, I seem to just use this to moan, I don’t want my site to be me just moaning. I hope people reading this maybe able to relate to it and realise you are not alone in this world. I know I felt trapped for a long time but coming out was the best decision of my life.


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