Ahhhh!! Panic!! As much as I love university, it is a very stressful experience. Essay after essay after essay. Please, if anyone has any writing tips they want to throw my way I would really appreciate it. It isn’t particularly the writing the essay that is difficult and/or time consuming it is the reading. I don’t know what to read, what is relevant, which academic writers are highly thought of. How people get through life just reading the abstracts is beyond me.

I am studying education studies and psychology, I don’t know if I have mentioned that yet or not. I love it, psychology is amazing, I’m trying to work myself out, so far I haven’t managed too I’m just an odd bod but that’s how I like it. It is fascinating learning about what makes us us, and all about memory and even things like social media and why we are all addicted to it. The education side however, not so great. Who really wants to learn about politics? Like actually? It’s so dry, but it has to be done I guess.

Tune in next time to hear some toilet humour… That was bad I apologise, but seriously toilets seem to be a huge problem at the moment.


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