Pronoun Stuggles

If you have been paying attention you will know by now that I have recently come out as wanting to be a guy. All my friends have been really supportive, it is a huge change for everyone, not just me. However, there is a slight problem with using the right pronouns currently. I know it is a lot to handle and people need time to adjust so I can’t moan too much, but it is frustrating.

I am also struggling with making friends at uni, it is one thing telling my friends I am trans but it’s another thing introducing yourself to someone new as this new identity. I worry about how people are going to react to me constantly. I know it is mainly in my head but I feel like everyone is sat judging me when really they are just going about their daily business.

If anyone has any tips on how to help my friends remember the correct pronouns and how to improve self esteem please can in touch, either by a comment or email.



2 thoughts on “Pronoun Stuggles

  1. I would suggest just occasionally correcting them when they slip up; if they refer to you as she, just remind them it’s “he.” It’s hard for most people to switch over, but the people who care will make an effort and get it eventually.

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    1. yeah tbf I think I’m worrying over nothing with this like non of my friends seem to care when I correct them, they apologise all the time when they get it wrong. They’ve all been so supportive


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